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What We Do

We Sell Flavor,
Commitment, and Smiles

Our commitment to offering quality products is the secret ingredient behind every succulent bite. Each fruit that comes from our lands carries a little piece of joy, bringing smiles to those who taste them. Discover the pleasure of tasting fresh fruits and enjoy the flavor that warms the heart. Come and explore our world of irresistible flavors!

Our Story

Get to Know Our Story

Agrícola Abba was born out of the story of a leader passionate about the world of fruits. Since taking on the responsibility of Agrícola Abba in 2001, Willo Souza has been the driving force behind the company's continued success. With a solid background and extensive experience in the market, he has worked tirelessly in various management positions, building deep knowledge and a comprehensive vision of the industry.

Born in 1976, Willo grew up with an intrinsic connection to nature and developed a passion for fruits from a young age. His professional journey in the industry began as a dedicated young man, learning the secrets of fruit production and business from local farmers. Over the years, he has played key roles in several renowned companies, solidifying his expertise in all aspects of the fruit market.

Willo's professionalism and seriousness are evident in every aspect of Agrícola Abba. His tireless commitment to quality is the cornerstone of the company, and his vast experience ensures that only the best fruits reach the customers. Under his leadership, Agrícola Abba has become synonymous with excellence, recognized both locally and internationally for the exceptional quality of its products.

By visiting our website, you can rest assured that you are connecting with a renowned professional who has dedicated his life to the world of fruits. Through Willo's entrepreneurship and vision, every fruit grown and prepared by Agrícola Abba reflects a commitment to quality and a love for nature. We invite you to discover the difference that experience and passion can make.

Our story is filled with tales of success, lasting partnerships, and the shared smile of every person who has enjoyed our authentic flavors. We invite you to explore our fruitful journey and share with us the pleasure of offering fruits that unite continents, nourish bodies, and delight palates. Join us as we continue to write amazing new chapters in this adventure!

Sales Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our sales process, especially for exports, is conducted 100% online. Join the future and become our partner!

Yes, the entire quality control process is monitored and validated by the customer. We also conduct contractual sales for smoother operation of the process.

No, we also conduct sales for the domestic Brazilian market. Get in touch with us to learn more!